Wile Coyote, Optimism and the Corporate World


I have just read a great post by Julia Boorstin about “Three key reasons to be optimistic like Steve Case” and one of the statement that got my attention was:

In business-speak, the term optimism often connotes a certain naivete

You know what, I am sure that Julia is right and at the same time I feel an unpleasent emotion about how slow is the management development in the Corporate World.
Let me explain in few words. Optimism is one of the key competences of the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence model (if you want to know more about that click here) and there are an incredible amount of research that show the huge impact of EQ on performance (if you want to explore more, click). Just to keep it simple, consider that some research have found, more or less, a 50% of performance explained by Emotional Intelligence and it seems understandable that half of the performance is linked to the emotional side and the other is the usual (and let me underline, real important!) rational intelligence.
In this scenario, in 2006, not yesterday… considering the speed of the market, we did a research in an high tech company and we have found that 20% of performance is explained by Optimism (NextiraOne Case). This kind of impact was confirmed by others studies all over the World.

So just to summarize:
– we have research about the importance of emotions in the workplace
– we know that optimism is one of the key competences of EQ
– we have shown the impact of Optimism on performance

Could you understand my emotions when I see “optimism often connotes a certain naivete”?
I suppose an affermative answer… And once again, Julia is right!

What is even worse, is that few people know that Optimism is learnable… Dear Corporate World, are you really sure you want to miss this opportunity?

If you want to explore more, I would suggest to read the Martin Seligman’s book Learned Optimism and if you have children don’t miss The Optimistic Child.

Just to conclude: why Wile Coyote? Optimism is the capability to see alternatives. Could you imagine a different Champion of optimism??? And BTW, Wile Coyote remember us that is not enough to be optimistic… 🙂


1 thought on “Wile Coyote, Optimism and the Corporate World

  1. Great point Max – “Wile E. Coyote” has tons of optimism, but he’s missing something else. Julia Boorstin’s misunderstanding (and others do the same) is thinking the problem is OPTIMISM… but the real issue is imbalance. We get nowhere without optimism, but we get nowhere useful without other competencies like “Apply Consequential Thinking.”

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